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automatic pocket opening welting sewing machine

Machine Features

  • Easy operation, newcomers can operate, and learn quickly.
  • Opening and stitching a pocket at one time, without manual flipping and line pressing pockets, high efficiency.
  • Sewing speed: 20-50 seconds/pocket.
  • The machine needle is equipped with a medium pressure foot device, which is stable and efficient, and the stitch is more pretty, avoiding faults of needle breakage and jumper.
  • Folding method: the external folding structure design is suitable for opening narrower pockets.
  • Sewing pocket size range: width 8-40mm, length 30-220m.
  • The integrated circulating tray structure is stable, safe and reliable to avoid plate collision.
  • The internal pressure debugging frame is independently pressed in both directions to ensure a stable and standard folding stop.
  • Adhere to the folding material on the tabletop, with a stable and reliable structure, avoiding frequent machine adjustment.
  • The material placement area is spacious and unobstructed, making operation more comfortable and convenient.
  • The air suction and iron-free device ensure accurate positioning and high efficiency in placing and cutting pieces.
  • Applicable pockets types: fake pockets, single jetted pockets, double jetted pockets, zipper pockets, etc.