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T-1390 CO2 engraving cutting machine


Our CO2 laser cutting machine and lase engraving machine can broadly process fabric, acrylic, wood, leather, paper, rubber, plastic, glass, ceramics, marble, etc. Non-metal materials in industries of advertisements and marks, building models, craft gifts, seal making, clothing and accessories, printing and packaging, industrial sampling, etc. Moreever, with our superlaser head, our laser machines can make 3D engraving on some metal materials.


Machine NameLaser Engraving Cutting Machine
Working area1300x900mm
Lase power60W/80W/100W/130W/150W optional (depending on material and its thickness)
Machine weight240Kg
Machine overall size1,900×1,530×1,120mm
Max. Engraving speed1,000mm/sec
Transmission modeExternal slide guide
Power supply220V,50~60Hz, single phase
Average/Max. Power1000W/1100W
Cooling methodWater cooling system
Applicable materialsCeramics, glass, wood, bamboo, leather, cloth, etc.
UsageCutting, engraving, drawing and cutting equipment
Standard Characteristic FunctionRed-light positioning system, automatic/manual focusing
Transmission interfaceNetwork Interface, USB joint and Offline U Disk Support
Accuracy/depthPositioning: 0.01mm, Max. cutting depth: 30mm
Support file formatJPG, BMP and other image formats, PLT, DXF, AI, DWG and other vector formats
Working speed0-6400mm/min
Working temperature0-45℃

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