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ultrasonic lace sewing machine


Advantages of our ultrasonic lace sewing machine

◆Our designed small roller frame and its reasonable structure are convenient for operation.

◆The roller is locked by the horizontal locker. This makes the roller will not move, and make sure the stable product quality.

◆The horn can be adjusted more accurately, and which has strong locking strength, and the horizontal plate is bigger with M8 bolt.

◆The machine head can be adjusted horizontally, other suppliers they can only adjust the lower support frame.

◆The horn hardness is HRC60~62, is harder than others.

◆Our ultrasonic system transducer can work for a long time, our technology is in the leading top level in China.

◆Rollers hardness is RC60~62, are made of super hard and super wear resistant steel.

◆Ultrasonic system, and electrical are designed according to CE standard.

Machine Specification:

Product samples: