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ultrasonic spot welding machine


Use the ultrasonic energy emitted by the transducer to weld the mask ear strap and the mask body or clothing labels, or other workpieces through the pressure of the cylinder by the contact between the horn and the mold.


Ultrasonic frequency 28KHz, electric power peak 300W or 500W, spot welding may actually use about 120W or 220W; due to the high ultrasonic frequency, a cylinder with a cylinder diameter of 20mm can penetrate the spot joints, and the impact of the cylinder is small. The air consumption is also small, the air compressor does not need to work frequently, and the power consumption is small; the ultrasonic has less noise, high-quality electronic and electrical components are used, IC control loop design, stable output, stronger and more stable vibrator output, can operate long time continuously, has reliable performance; The spot joints are beautiful and firm, and the spot joints can be customized according to requirements.


ModelBHL-28KLLOverall size120*55*115cm
Frequency28KHzGross size123*630*133cm
Output power300W/500WPower supply220V 10A 1P
Ultrasonic systemanalog systemAir pressure0.6MPa
Gross weight80kgNet weight100kg